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'Old' friends make 'New' aquantices

This is an article is about 'out with the old and in with the new'. Yes, Sharpay Evans new exactly what she was talking about back in Highschool Musical. Here is a little snapshot. There is a very, very very old saying that claims that ‘old keys wont pen new doors’. Despite the countless quotes on friends, career and whatever else falls under ‘self-care’ this particular saying seems to have stuck around.

Dress to Impress- Internship  Baddie

You came to play and your want land that job at the end of that internship. Now whether you are looking for new office outfits or don't know what to wear to that scary interview-we got you covered!

First Year's lets confess up!

University is a whole other thing. Everything makes you feel small and you are starting to the feel the awkwardness that comes from having so much freedom. Here is a personal confession.

Changes By Niaa Pertiwi

We have our Niaa making a debut! I don't want to say too much because to is 100% worth the read. Give her some love, reflect and let us know if you have ever felt the same.



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