• Khushi Jadhav

Impress with the Dress- What to wear to your internship gig

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Yes, your first impressions matter. The way Jacob from Twilight made an imprint on Bella, is the same way your hiring manager/senior executive will behave with if you dress the part. Obviously your actual skills (not including the ones you lied about on your resume!) play big part, but we can't forget that most humans, all humans are very visual. We remember what something looks like before we make judgements-at times unfortunate but it still true! I have had my fair share of job interviews and internships and here is what I gathered. The golden rule is 'deconstructed workwear' with sleek hair or 'smart casual' with a bold edge. And because I love to go the extra mile, I chucked in a link to my Pinterest board to get start that outfit Inspo.

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