• Khushi Jadhav

Why aren't we friends?

When we do not talk to people from past or have grown distant from people we used to be closed with, our memory of them becomes distorted. A lot of time, we create negative conations with these people to validate our unconscious choice to part with old friends. As humans and more importantly as young people, because we are often experiencing changes for the first time, we are always wanting to know the ‘why’ to each thing. I mean talk to any toddler who is trying to understand literally anything. They will always question everything. If someone won’t give them a reason, they will often come with one (even if their reason defies all logic, physics, and basic common sense). When you stop being friends with someone (especially if it accidental), it is in our natural instinct to come up with a ‘why’. As much as it is easier to hand pick all the flaws in someone, we don’t really let ourselves think of the good things. Even if the good times feel like they happened a long time ago, it is okay to feel like you have outgrown a person or even outgrown those experiences. Outgrowing someone does not mean you dislike them, but means your current instance is looking for something else-an alternative. And that is more than okay.

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